Logo Design by Mark Zarr
A Strong, Well Designed Logo Tells the World You Mean Business. Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

Do you need a logo designed?

Or perhaps you’re looking to update your current images to freshen up your brand? Either way I can help.  A logo is the core of your organization, it tells your story in a concise and powerful way, but only if designed and executed by a professional team who not only understand design, but who takes the time to understand you, your company, and even your future goals. Let us help propel your brand forward with a high quality custom logo design that will leave an impact and keep your customers engaged and wanting more.

Learn more about our philosophy on logo design by reading this article by Mark Zarr: 
Four Common Logo Design Mistakes That Will Make Your Customers Run Away

the Importance of a good Logo Design: Your logo design sets the tone for your whole company. The design of your logo is the first impression potential customers have of your business. Whether you have a store front or just a business card and a website, your logo design will speak volumes about you. What kind of first impression do you want to make on new potential customers? Do you want to be seen as professional, detail orientated, up-to-date, and creative or does your logo tell your customers that you are lazy, cheap, outdated, and uninterested? A good logo design should be timeless. It should represent your passion for the business and tell your customers that you are worth their time and money. A cheap, unprofessional, poorly-designed logo does just the opposite.

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