Branding and Website Design for Small Businesses, Churches, and Nonprofits Mass communication is supposedly all about reaching the general public, but we take a different approach. We believe that mass communication is about connecting with a mass of unique and individual people. In order to communicate effectively, we have fine-tuned the ability to see individuals within the crowd and cater specific messages to them.

By now you know that the shotgun approach to communication, where you shoot a message across the bow of any random group that steps in front of your crosshairs, is both costly and ineffective. Stop hunting your customers and start having a conversation with them. Our goal is to help you create a message catered to the individuals who care about the same things you do, need what you can offer, and, best of all, are already looking for you. Instead of spending time, energy, and money trying to find your next customer, let us help you create a message that will allow your next customer to find you.

We help our clients create long-term, sustainable success and growth by focusing on two key areas of mass communication:

1) Branding and design (or what we like to call “starting the conversation”). By creating a unique, memorable, and focused story and design to represent your organization, it is easier for people to recognize you, dramatically increasing the odds that they will stop and listen. After all, we have been taught not to talk with strangers.

  • Our goal is to help our clients have their message noticed, remembered, and acted upon. We do this by creating a unique and consistent brand that is utilized in all aspects of communicating with and marketing to clients.

    What we do:
    We don’t just come up with a couple good ideas then send you on your way to try and implement and create the brand on your own. We are a full-service marketing and design firm with the ability to build your brand, or redesign it, from the ground up.

    • Website design
    • Logo design
    • Graphic design and printing (business cards, flyers, posters, banners, promotional materials, etc.)
    • Informational motion graphic videos (usually 30-90 seconds in length)
    • Video and Photography
    • Content Writing
    • Social Media page design

2) Lead generation and customer retention (or “continuing the conversation”). Getting people’s attention is one thing, but keeping their attention and getting them to act on your message is a whole other process. But, don’t worry – we can help you turn prospects into leads, leads into customers, and customers into lifelong raving fans.

  • Ever been talking with someone who just randomly stops communicating? Most likely not. This would be a socially awkward situation and you would probably quickly move on. When you think about it, businesses do this all the time. They will throw out an advertisement or marketing email about some random information or sale but never really finish the conversation. People don’t respond to ads anymore: they respond to relationships.

    What we do:
    Building relationships takes work, but the results can mean lifelong connections. We think it’s worth it! Of course, we also understand that you don’t have time for hundreds of deep conversations with your customers every day. Truth is, your customers are just as busy as you. They’re most likely not looking for a long drawn out conversation either, but they do need to be reminded that you’re there and ready to serve. Our job is to help you have a conversation with your people on four different levels: prospects, leads, customers, and fans.

    Prospects are people who are looking for what you have to offer. They are reached and communicated within a variety of ways such as advertising, your networking and sales efforts, free training’s (webinars, seminars, ebooks, etc.), and referrals, just to name a few. The process of converting prospects to leads is all about providing free, relevant, and usable information. The information is not about you or what you offer, but is info related to your industry. For example, if you’re a maid service company, you could provide information on home organization, cleaning product reviews, and other tips and tricks about keeping a clean house. Prospects should hear a message about your industry expertise followed up with calls to action for them to learn more about what you offer.

    Leads are people who have openly requested more information about what you have to offer. Perhaps you met with them, they visited your store, or filled out an online form. The process of converting leads into customers still must be heavily centered around the above strategy of providing free and valuable information. However, now you can also communicate about your product more directly. Provide testimonials or case studies, list the benefits of your products, talk about what makes you different than the competition, and offer opportunities to make the purchase. The key here is to not speak so much about how or what your product does but focus on how it will help the lead solve their problem and/or meet their needs.

    Customers are people who have made a purchase with you. To many, this is where the process ends. Sure, many companies will work to keep customers coming back for more, however, we believe that there is still one more step in the process that can make all the difference in the world. The process of turning customers into fans is all about continuing to offer free and valuable information, but now you are also working to wow them with new products, special deals, and even contests. However, it goes deeper than that. Creating fans is all about letting them participate. Give them opportunities to tell their story about how your products helped, to invite people they know to also benefit, and keep them in the loop on exciting changes and updates to your business. Most importantly, it is all about allowing your customers to become insiders, a part of the family. Customers and fans may both love the product; the thing that sets fans apart is that they also love the company. They believe in and agree with the work ethic, quality, management, treatment of company employees, supported charities and causes, and the overall mission of the company.

    Fans are people who have a vested interest in your company. Not that they profit from it in any way, but because they have been allowed on the inside, they feel a since of loyalty and commitment. The sharing of common values and goals ties them more to your company than the product itself. The process of utilizing fans to help generate new prospects is all about directing your fans’ excitement toward others who could benefit from what you have to offer. The message is about highlighting customer success stories, rewarding and recognizing referrals from fans, and allowing them to see how YOU need them to help get the message out to others whose lives would be dramatically and positively affected by what you have to offer.  

    There are a variety of tools we use to communicate your message to different people within the process. Some things, such as newsletters, social media pages, and your website, can be used throughout the different levels. Other tools, such as your sales team and targeted advertisements, are also used throughout the different processes, but with custom messages designed for each level.

    • Your Website
    • Your Store(s)
    • Social Media
    • eNewsletters
    • Your Sales Team
    • Targeted Advertising
      • Email Marketing
      • Mailers
      • Social Media Retargeting Ads (ads designed to show up on social media after someone has visited your website or even a specific page on your website)

How we help you build an effective mass communication strategy

We will work with you to create and implement a strategy based on our four rules of communication: Consistency, Repetition, Relevancy, and Simplicity.

Consistency. The information must have the same look and feel, show up in the same places, and at the same times.

Repetition. The information must be repeated multiple times and in multiple places.

Relevancy. The audience must understand why the information is important to them.

Simplicity. Don’t let the information get lost in the details. Give the synopsis and offer ways for interested people to learn more.

What we do


Work with you and your staff to create a communication plan

  • What do you need to communicate?
  • When, where, and how often will you communicate?
  • What are the guidelines to insure communication follows the four rules?

Create a consistent message, look, and outline for all communication

  • Flyers and Other Printed Resources  
  • Social Media
  • Advertisements
  • Website
  • E-Newsletter
  • Other Needs Specific to Your business

Ongoing Maintenance (Optional)

We will continue to work with you either as your design specialist for all new communications, or we can help train and manage a skilled and well-qualified staff member

Want more info, or just want to brainstorm some thoughts?

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