Who is Mark Zarr?

A few years ago, after almost completely losing my business, I decided to go back to school for my MBA. I wanted to see what tricks of the trade I still needed to create the success that I so desired. The problem is that after going through the intensive program, I did not find the solutions to my problems. In fact, most of what was being taught was exactly what had almost killed my business. What I found was a system that rewarded theory over application, research over practice, and complication over common sense.

I see things differently. After years of studying and practicing business, I have begun to realize that success comes from peeling away the complicated structures, ego-driven, “I’m an expert” mentality, and sophisticated expectations of how we think things ought to be. Success comes by finding the easiest and most efficient means of accomplishing a task or goal.

I believe that true success is about having the time to enjoy life, the decency to treat others fairly, and the opportunity to make a difference in our everyday world.

Training a New Generation of Leaders to Impact Their Everyday World.

As a Professor of Business, and as the leader of Family Ministries, for his church, Mark and his wife Rachel work to equip others with the skills needed to succeed in REAL Life.

Mark has decades of experience training, and motivating leaders, and helping people, businesses, and churches organize, optimize, and implementing their goals and vision.  

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